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The Lost Mandate of Heaven

The American Betrayal of Ngo Dinh Diem, President of Vietnam

Author: Dr. Geoffrey DT Shaw

Ngo Dinh Diem, the first president of the Republic of Vietnam, possessed the Confucian "Mandate of Heaven", a moral and political authority that was widely recognized by all Vietnamese. This devout Roman Catholic leader never lost this mandate in the eyes of the people; rather, it was removed by his erstwhile allies in the United States government in a coup sponsored by them resulting in his assassination.

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Post-Conflict Terrorism in Nepal

Posted with Permission from Dr. Thomas A. Marks

Any number of works have sought to explore "how terrorism ends." The challenge, though, is that terrorism comes in two varieties: that used instrumentally by insurgents, and that used as an end unto itself by stand-alone terrorists. Insurgents build a new world to challenge the existing world; terrorists build nothing save whatever is necessary to make violence against the innocent their political Ends-Ways-Means.

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Interview with David Loyn

David Loyn is a BBC Correspondent for Afghanistan and a Fellow of the Alexandrians. Interviewed by Dr. Geoffrey DT Shaw (president of the Alexandrian Defense Group/ Key features include a discussion of Islamic State's would-be incursion into the land of the Taliban, etc.

Michael Savage Interviews Walid Shoebat (9-23-14) on Syria Strikes & ISIS

MEMORANDUM FOR: Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany

FROM: Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS)

SUBJECT: Ukraine and NATO

We the undersigned are long-time veterans of U.S. intelligence. We take the unusual step of writing this open letter to you to ensure that you have an opportunity to be briefed on our views prior to the NATO summit on September 4-5.

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Russia Annexing Crimea is the Cost of US/EU intervention in Ukraine

One wonders how deep a hole the United States and the EU are going to dig for themselves in Ukraine. It was, of course, U.S. and EU leaders — and their media acolytes — who caused the problem we face today by intervening on behalf of self-styled “democrats” in Kiev who without foreign intervention could not have overthrown the Ukrainian president.

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Reprinted with permission from the Ron Paul Institute

Balochistan - Land of Fear

by Agha H. Amin

What the Mongols, Iranians or the British could not do was done by a naive usurper in a day. Balochistan was transformed with the murder of Nawab Akbar Bugti .

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Alexandrian Defense Group's own Pierre van Der Walt with Mikhail Kalashnikov - the inventor of the AK-47 at SCI African Chapter Annual Dinner in the late 1990s, MidRand South Africa. Click to enlarge.

Security Alert

I do not know if this is public knowledge, but with my connection to the aviation industry I know a number of South African civilian pilots (fixed wing and helicopters) that flying in Iraq for the UN. Their missions are mostly aid related, however, every so often they fly cargo and personnel that they are not informed what the content or purpose thereof is. In their base there are fighter planes and tactical bombers from nations such as Germany, Frans and the UK. These often fly missions and return to base without amino or ordinance. Is this just shooting practice or battle realistic exercises?

The base is also often under fire by light missiles and mortars.

Wanted Dead or Alive. Manhunts from Geronimo to Bin Laden by Benjamin Runkle

Book Review by Andy Wehrle

Benjamin Runkle's meticulously researched account of eight strategic manhunts conducted by the United States government makes for engrossing reading. Runkle turns dry historic detail into compelling page-turning prose. Runkle's recipe for success lies in mixing dusty historic detail with operational context and just the right dash of biographic detail. Under his pen, long forgotten manhunts take on renewed vigor as he sorts through the details of each operation looking for relevant lessons learned. In the end his efforts produce useful insights that policy makers and individual citizens alike would do well to heed.

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Guerrilla Lessons from the Past: The Strength of Light Infantry

By Dan Bjarnason

The 60th anniversary of one of this country's greatest military victories is coming this Easter weekend. Sadly, it will be little noticed by most Canadians.

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The Green Book - Part One

The Solution of the Problem of Democracy

The Authority of the People

by Muammar Al-Qadhafi

The Instrument of Governing is the prime political problem which faces human communities.

Even the conflict within the family is, often, the result of this problem.

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Inside the Mind of a Young Suicide Bomber

NDS Spokesperson Lutfullha Mashal held his third news conference in as many weeks today at NDS. The ninety minute news conference took on the appearance of a courtroom. Four suspects in orange prison jumpsuits testified to reporters about their involvement in recent suicide incidents and/or the planning for attacks. One of the suspects was Mohammed Khan, 33 years-old, arrested in helping to plan the attack on the Finest Supermarket in Kabul.

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World Security Network reporting from Islamabad in Pakistan, February 27, 2011

Dear David Osinski,

Gen (ret.) Ehsan ul Haq, former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the Pakistani Military and director of the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), and now a member of the International Advisory Board of WSN, discussed with WSN President Dr. Hubertus Hoffmann the current political difficulties in Pakistan and Afghanistan, explained his top priorities for the ISAF mission in Afghanistan, negotiations with the Taliban, as well as domestic Pakistani politics, the safety of its nuclear arsenal and the Kashmir conflict with India.

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Gist of Ex ISI Boss General Khwaja Ziauddin's Interview to Pakistan's GEO TV Channel on 2200 Hours 31 October 2010

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A Broad View Of Strategic Operational And Tactical Possibilities

By Major Agha H Amin (Retired)

This brief paper is a hypothetical visualization of various strategic,operational and tactical possibilities in the Af Pak Region .

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Exclusive ADG in-situ analysts have revealed the following with regard to the recent spate of attacks on US & NATO Oil Truck convoys attempting their regular traverse of Pakistan into Afghanistan:

  1. The gunmen attacking the convoys with considerable success are not simply members of the Taliban, Al Qaeda or the Haquani group, although conceivably they could be members of these outfits as well, however they have been hired by state-actors to carry out these attacks to bring pressure to bear on the US, primarily, to cease and desist its rotary-winged aircraft attacks and drone attacks into Pakistani territory wherein Pakistani Army or government militia/guard units are killed or wounded. Collateral damage may be acceptable to the Obama administration but it is something that the Pakistan Army and Government cannot abide with for long without losing considerable prestige and legitimacy in the eyes of their own public. This is a form of ‘pressure’ negotiation that is not without considerable precedence and parallel in South Asia and the Middle East. American readers might be more familiar with the term ‘squeeze-play.’
  2. Some of the attacks on oil-tank trucks also represent an increasing bitter competition between oil delivery companies as the contracts are lucrative. More precise details on this issue are available to ADG members only.
  3. The oil-tanker trucks that are being attacked on the Karachi – Quetta route are almost exclusively the result of Baluchi gunmen being hired by another state actor, in this case – Iran, to assist in thwarting US/NATO capabilities in the region. Specifics on this are only available to ADG members.

From the desk of Dr. GDT Shaw
President ADG, LLC

Unprecedented News from ADG's Fellow in Af/Pak - Major Agha Amin:




Please note that we have maintained that Gulbuddin Hekmatyar is in Pakistan in our book DEVELOPMENT OF TALIBAN FACTIONS IN AFGHANISTAN AND PAKISTAN

So now this character meets Pakistan's GEO TV , supposedly by remote video and talks about 9/11 and imminent US failure.

This more than proves that Taliban and other groups have Pakistani support.

Ustad Mohaqqiq, the Afghan Vice-President was also shown live in the studio interview and the intended message was that Hekmatyar was a hero and Mohaqqiq a weak man !

funny !

Major Agha Amin (Pakistani Army - Ret., & Fellow of the Alexandrians)

The intelligence and SOF communities have lost a brother and a hero. In tribute to a true warrior monk ...

Your Guide to the Global Issues of Counter Insurgency

The different types of counterinsurgency articles that can be found on this site.

COIN Today

In this section the articles are concerned with current counter-insurgency campaigns and issues. Of course, some of these small wars have been going on for some time and with different insurgent groups at the fore, such as in the case of the Philippines or Afghanistan. Yet, they are all classified as 'COIN Today' or current counter-insurgency fights because they continue to cause blood-shed and destruction in their respective locales regardless of which group now makes manifest their predilection for violent politics.

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COIN in History

In this section we examine insurgencies and counter-insurgency campaigns in history as, indeed, this is where so many valuable lessons can be learned. Articles in here can range from the first recorded efforts of Rome to put down revolts, insurrections and rebellions through to the relatively late history of post-1945 Vietnam, Malaya or Afghanistan for that matter. The Chinese have a wonderful saying which translates as 'there is nothing new under the sun' when applied to how human beings behave and treat one another. This is most aptly applied to the study of small wars, insurgencies, terrorism and the counters to these violent plagues. Nevertheless, political expediency, such as 'casualty-avoidance,' in our time has led to the deliberate and willful ignoring of historical lessons and these were lessons paid for with much blood and not a little treasure. For example, America's engagement in the Vietnam wars brought forward whole libraries of superb and hard-fought for ideas for successfully countering insurgents and guerrillas yet they have been ignored for the most part in our time. They are now being 'relearned-in-pain' in places like Afghanistan but at a cost in frustrations and delays that threaten entire campaigns. Historical articles, from how to train local police forces to protecting villagers are the meat of this valuable section.

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Gordian Knot

This section constitutes the Alexandrian Defense Group's flagship academic area wherein sophisticated and disciplined learning is engaged with the complexities of discerning the dark heart or corner of violent politics where both terrorism and insurgency find their life. Accordingly, rational necessity demands that cultures, ideas and that dearest of all human needs, faith, are carefully and objectively examined. For, if one is to counter an insurgency or a global terrorist conception, such as Al Qaeda, one needs to recognize, at foundational levels, what it is that one is dealing with; this can only be accomplished through the most rigorous study and analysis. In the past, governmental attempts to 'short-cut' in this critical area have always come to grief as insurgent factions rebound and fire up again as a result of an intellectual failure to truly come to grips with what they are. ADG has been most fortunate in having at its disposal several internationally recognized experts who well discern the critical nature of such study, academics such as Dr. Tom Marks and Dr. Mark Moyar, for example. Likewise, this good fortune continues in the fact that Fr. Dennis Dickson brings a most rigorous and disciplined mind, trained at the doctoral level in human psychology, to this prestigious and most necessary section.

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COIN Fiction

Fictional writing has always been an effective medium through which hidden truths can be more readily ascertained, truths that are not necessarily accessible in a factual account of history unless one is very well-trained to discern such gems, of course. For the study of insurgencies and terrorism and their counters, fiction has always been a way or means through which deeper meaning have been revealed. Those who are familiar with the literature covering the Vietnam wars, for example, found a stunning and eloquent power in the work of a certain North Vietnamese novelist and war veteran, Bao Ninh, who's fictional work, "The Sorrow of War," is as haunting as the ghosts his main protagonist encounters in the 'screaming' forests along the 'Ho Chi Minh Trail.' Or, one may consider the works of those novelists concerned with the machinery of actual counter-insurgency in South Vietnam: i.e., as revealed in novels such as "The Ugly American," or "The Quiet American." Indeed, one of the best books available anywhere, "The Outpost," is a fictional work that deals with the execution of sound counter-insurgency policy; for in this marvelous little novel, written by a former British Colonial Police Officer, Hedgar Wallace, we are introduced to the rude fact that it is local policemen who must break the back of guerrilla insurgencies in the field. All of this is to say that the perusal of fictional works must make up a significant proportion of any serious scholar's or soldier's study of insurgencies, terrorism and the counters to these manifestations of political violence. This section of the Alexandrian Defense Chronicles will endeavor to make available, over time, all fictional works that may help our members better discern the nature of small wars, insurgencies and terror.

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